New Year, Newish You.

Welcome to the new year! 2018, 10 days in. It is a time of reflection and a little scrambling to ensure that your goals and resolutions happen. What a whirlwind! Are you ready?! I finally am, just in time. For the last few years instead of making a New Year resolution I’ve chosen a word. […]

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How to Crush Boxes

Indulge in your gifts, purpose, and the world around you.  Mulling over the past is an impediment to progress and the process, stop it.   Delight in those who are living their purpose.   Be illogical.  “Do not make God regret having made you.” © Dr. Howard Thurman  Be your own idea of wild.   […]

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I own it.

For years I’ve nurtured a false sense of security in those around me, allowing them to assume my silence as an indication of their superior intelligence. I had conceded to where they believed what I know to be absolutely incorrect. For me, it is unnecessary to engage in a battle of wits. Pissing matches are […]

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