Romantic Dinners

Hey luvs. Are you hungry? Ready for some tasty love. Something to satisfy you. It’s time to plan that romantic dinner. Before you head to the bedroom for that salacious nite in, feed the body and soul with a romantic dinner. With a little planning and the deliciously improper implementation of these five easy steps, […]

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Love Notes

Him,         I’m trying to make sense of it all. Allowing myself to be in love, with you; the idea. With everything in me, everyday I do what I can, giving what I have. Sometimes all it is, is nothing more than a soft breath. Other times, every fiber of my being. […]

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Sir! Come better than that.

Sir! You’ve got to come better than that. I am fabulous and lonely. I glow, viridescent with the impending urge to vomit. For a little under 4 years it’s been just me. After my last love, I took those years to become my fabulous self. A lonely experience for those four years. But, life goes […]

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