Zora Lola, Champion Observer.

Occasionally offering a quip or a comment that will force you to see things differently. Somewhere in between stating the obvious and saying what you were thinking but too scared to say. Using an inside voice to discuss what makes sense, the common sense that many lack. The infinite space of the internet is crowded with loud voices shouting inaccuracies and unfounded supposed truths. Being the loudest person in the room who always has something to say does not suggest smarts, sensibility, compassion or tolerance. Vocality does not equal superiority. You are just loud. Great research turns an idea into an artifact that can be expanded upon. Sometimes that idea is shared so much that the research vanishes making the idea as worthless as the space it takes up. It no longer makes sense. Then the loudies grab ahold and run amuck. In discussions on relationships the popular dominate voice reigns supreme. Maybe because people are so desperate for help they flock to anything that sounds remotely similar to what they want to hear. I do no such a thing. Through my observations I want you to consider something else. Another perspective. Nothing is ever black or white. Relationships and those things related are often grey, sometimes burnish hues of neon. Depends on the situation. Welcome to the world of Zora Lola, a singular sensation and Hiz wunderful wife.

be kind, be well, enjoy.

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