Jumpin’ In

Transitions happen in phases. A transition is a phase. It’s a way to get from one level of space to another. In and of itself, it is a space. You’re navigating from within and from the out. Simultaneous movement on two different planes. Whew! That was deep.

After years of hiding in a hole that was located up under a rock, I’ve crawled all the way out and have been slowly, surely jumpin’ in. My road to 40 has been interesting to say the least. Paved with more disappointments that have shaped my understanding and forced me to step into a truth that’s sometimes difficult to observe. It’s beautiful in a way. Ugly truths. You can not move on until you accept the truth. You can not decide which direction to go in until you accept the truth. And my truth of the matter is that I am amazing! I have a power that I have yet to tap into. That is my truth. There is a power deep within, however, I am not ready for it. It is not time. I can see it. I just can not access it at the moment. And that’s ok! As my granny says, “a setback is nothing but God giving you a set up.”

The people speak of stepping into your power. Owning it. Being the #girlboss, #bossbabe, to #levelup and the like. Power isn’t for the faint of heart and should not be taken lightly. You can cover you social media outlets in banners and tags and memes. Offer masterclasses and courses where you build groups and build a following, but, it does not suggest true power. It exudes a confidence that is necessary in order for you to step into your power. I’ve discovered that understanding your power and how to access it when and only when it is time happens in the quiet. In a space void of distractions and instructions. It also requires that you #jumpin . Jump into to that thing that takes you to where your power lies. From there, instead of hiding from it or shirking your responsibility by shying from it because of imposter syndrome, step all the way into to. Lean the fvck in.

This place of transition is a brand new place for me. I’ve accomplished the tasks necessary to move into the next level. The transitional space is built on an understanding of all of the nouns and some verbs. People. Places. Things. Actions like love, truth, motivation, and growth. What animates these actions and what the nouns mean in both the current space and the future space and how different the meanings are from the previous space.

Shit! Bout 40 giving me lots of deep thoughts.

Honestly. Now is the time to #jumpin. By jumpin’ in you move closer to your power. Finding the right space. Nurturing that space and who you allow in it. Allowing the space to nurture you. Discovering and rediscovering what passions lie beneath and learning how it fits into that new space and how it lends itself to the power that is waiting for you. This is all food for thought.

The closer I get to this secondish part of adulthood the more i reflect on where I’ve been, how far I’ve moved from it and how close I am or am not from the goals that I have set. There is only one way to make it all happen and that’s to Jump In.

Will you join me?


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