Five F’s & Date Nite- 14 Ways to Celebrate Your Love

Five F’s & Date Nite

Five F’s?! What five f’s?

The 5 F’s are areas of your life that reflect the overall health of a relationship, indicating its success.  If one or more of these F’s are in chaos then the relationship is in trouble. This isn’t about troubled F’s. Today, we celebrate love. We celebrate each other.  The petite méchante gang, we have our F’s in order. This is a guide of date nite suggestions that enhance and celebrate each F in the relationship.

The Five F’s

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Finances
  4. Food
  5. Fucking

No F is more important than another. While each F is important on its own they meld beautifully  together. Just like you two. You will notice that there’s an element of other F’s throughout each suggestion. Sometimes, like when we are together, they are inseparable. These are guide-like suggestions. Make them your own. It’s about spending time together outside of the usual day to day. Sharing experiences is a way to build intimacy. Collecting memories and not things enrich and deepen the connection between you and your love. Here we go… Enjoy!

Friends Of a feather, flock together. Group dates are awesome! It creates a wonderful dynamic that allows you to be together and separate at the same time. Group activities are a chance to mingle with like minded couples to enjoy some good natured fun. Whatever that is to you.

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Throw a dinner party with assigned seats. Seating your guests next to someone other than the person they came with. This is an opportunity to meet new friends and expand the date nite group. Plus don’t you just love watching your other enjoying themselves from across the room.

Game nite is a lively event. It’s a perfect way to show the world how much of a team you two are. A little Spades maybe? No renigging! Trivia card games like Cards for All People, Black Card Revoked, or Hip Hop University.

Something altogether different, a group cooking experience. This is a little more intimate since the amount of kitchen space determines how many people can participate. Honestly no more than 2-3 couples for this one. Too many cooks you know. A potluck picnic is a great alternative when the weather is nice. Try a food delivery service meal together. The whole purpose is to engage in activities that allow you two as a couple to cultivate and nurture supportive friendships. When we are happy and our friends are happy, together we dolce far niente.

Family There is no reason why the fam can’t be a part of date nite. True, Date Nite genereally means getting alone time away from family, but in my expert unwarranted opinion stolen moments celebrating love while with the kids are some of the most memorable moments we have. Remember that time when we… while the kids were…?


Family movie nite. Take it outside! Blow up the inflatable pool, fill it up with blankets & pillows, set up a movie projected on a screen/sheet or against the house. If you have a fire pit you can make s’mores or turn it into a whole camping adventure where you grill hot dogs on a stick and other delicious outdoor appropriate treats.

Photo credit Pinterest

Show the kiddos how you dated back in the day when love was new. Good ol’ late skate or midnight bowling.

Have a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. Big people vs. not so big people. Winners get to pick what’s for dinner.

Finances Money, money, money, money,…monayy. Money talks, budget and finance, counting those pennies. It can be difficult having those conversations about finances. Congratulations on keeping those lines of communications open in this area. So many relationships fail to thrive because there wasn’t adequate or appropriate conversations about finances. Luckily for us we’re having a different conversation surrounding finances. A successful date nite should not be limited to the constraints of a tight household budget.


Date nite in is the usual go to when it comes to limited funds. Why not do a date nite challenge. Build a date around using just $20-40 per person. Hit the city and see what you can get into ballin’ on a budget. You will be surprised at how much fun you have, what you come up with, and what you discover during a creative budget friendly date. On a festival weekend we spent $35 between the two of us on food, drinks, and bric-a-brak. We still have a great time with friends, listening to music and enjoying our city. $35 y’all! $35!

Photo credit: inefekt69 on Flicker

Plan an extravagant vacay over take out. This opens the door to discussing finances and future plans. Planning a vacation requires a budget, when budgeting together you talk about what you are willing to cut back on and how much you are willing to save in effort to reach a common goal. Planning for the future together is always an exciting event. Not only is it a way to build on the intimacy in the relationship, you can turn it into a thing. A “Things to do Tuesday.” thing. Plan Japan over sake and sushi while watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha.

Food Feed mind, body & soul. What we feed each other is our way of nurturing one another. Serving healthy foods and adhereing to special dietary needs not only says I Love You, it says, I want you here with me forever, I am taking care of you.


Romantic dinners at the fancy restaurants are the norm. Celebrating food in the relationship doesn’t have to be a grand gesture.Cook together. Try a new cuisine. Choose a dish and build around it for a delicious date nite in. The dish could be something you saw online, in that magazine you were reading while standing in line at the market or a recreation of the meal you had on your last vacation or getaway.

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Have fun with food. Enter a food challenge together. Eat the worlds biggest steak. Drink the largest milkshake in town. Teamwork makes the dream work, win that shirt and be sure to snap a pic #usstuff #wewon #wegotagevah

Create your own challenge and find the best pizza slice or crab cake in town. Whatever you do, do it together. Sure you can lick your own fingers but isn’t it better when your babe does it? Such a delightful thing to do.

Fucking  Yassss zaddy…right there. Need I say more? Okay, I will. I don’t know about you but sex is wonderful. A great sex life is good for the skin, muscles, attitude and wardrobe. Yes. wardrobe. Draw your own conclusions there. Just like other activities where you spend quality time together that builds and nurtures intimacy in the relationship, Fucking is the ultimate way. The proximity of closeness as you are skin to skin. The exchange of breath and sharing of almost no space at all. It is the epitome of intimacy. Sharing this experience draws you closer in a way that is damn near sacrilegious. Call out for God while being deliciously improper. Speaking obscenities through grit teeth as two souls connect. What can be more intimate than that?


Is there a fantasy one of you wants to explore? Take a class and learn a new trick, then practice. Head out to that spot you drive by on the way to work. You know the one, right before the light…HA!

Take in one of those erotic performance poetry shows, a burlesque show, or the dancing at the strip club. Use your stripper name. I know you have one.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Go on a field trip and visit the toy store. Together choose a new toy then hurry home to try it out. Be titillated!

Date nites that embrace the Five F’s can be fulfilling and enjoyable. Whether it’s impromptu or planned out to the smallest detail the result is always the same. A celebration of love that nurtures the relationship, keeping it strong and healthy. Make it your own and you won’t be disappointed.

As always, enjoy each other. Celebrate love and be deliciously improper. Until the next time.


petite méchante

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