The Sorceros’ Stone Part 3

Ms. Munrow was indeed dead. The moment Trinadia’s dreams started happening was the moment the witch started to fade away. She had no control over what was happening to her. Trinadia’s grandfather was an exceptionally grand wizard. To ensure that the secret was never revealed he cursed Munrow the Witch. To perish, fading away into a pile of purplish-green dust once his grand-daughter noticed her power. She didn’t have to name the power, just acknowledge that something was happening. No one knew this. Not even the witch.

It is however written down in a journal. The journal that lies with the stone.

What is Bloo going to do?! How does he explain a pile of purplish-green dust and no Ms.Munrow.


“Your… your… your royalness. I mean… your highprincessness if you please… I couldn’t finded The Wi… I mean Ms.Munrow. Shall I go find you some tea?” He asked in quiet rushed tone. Quivering just a little since the princess had yelled at him earlier.

“No. That’s ok dear Bloo. You may go on with your usual tasks this evening.” She said calmly.

Relieved to have a break and his life, Bloo scurried out of the grand chamber room before she changed her mind. He would concern himself with the princesses change in mood in a safe space away from her.

Trinadia received a letter from her beloved. He was still away on a hunt. He would be returning to the kingdom soon with something special just for her. While she knew what it was she hoped that it was some clue to these dreams and such that she’d been experincing. He had to have a clue. That’s why she sent him on the hunt. Looks and brains are two different thing. One does not ensure the other.Her beloved, Francisco-Fernando was one handsome Prince. Dim witted, but handsome.

There was no time to waste. She had to act fast. As soon as the palace fell asleep, dressed as a wine merchant, she slipped out of the castle.

There were questions that needed answering and waiting for other people to provide those answers was not acceptable.

It’s time for an adventure.

She should have had Bloo with her as a travel companion……

Until the next time

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