Romantic Dinners

Hey luvs. Are you hungry? Ready for some tasty love. Something to satisfy you. It’s time to plan that romantic dinner. Before you head to the bedroom for that salacious nite in, feed the body and soul with a romantic dinner. With a little planning and the deliciously improper implementation of these five easy steps, enjoying a romantic dinner will always be on the menu.

One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. Virginia Wolf.

  1. Picking your day.
  2. Planning your menu.
  3. Curating a playlist.
  4. Setting your tablescape.
  5. Inviting your hunni.

Picking your day

Date nites can be hard to schedule at times. Life throws you curveballs and we forget to set our relationships as priority. Having a romantic dinner is a wonderously delicious way of prioritizing your relationship and celebrating love. The first thing to do is to pick your date. Was the romantic dinner the date you guys came up with for Things To Do Tuesdays? The weekends are great to do a romantic dinner, but why wait until then when you can liven up the week and do it on a Wednesday.

Planning your menu

Planning the menu is the fun part. Is there a food or recipe that you’ve been wanting to try for a special occasion? Pull it out! Want to recreate that special dinner you two had on the trip to the Puerto Rico? Food apps like Yummly,, and Tasty connect you to an epicurian world of delectableness. Then there’s the Pinterest and good ol’ fashion cookbooks and recipe magazines. Places like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Homegoods not only have really good cookbooks that are specific to cuisine, they also carry the fancy kitchen gadgets and ingriedients you may want to experiment with. Plan a meal that has a beginning, middle and end. Appetizer. Main course. Dessert. Stay away from foods that may give you indigestion or turn your body into a stinky noise maker. Keep in mind allergies and distastes. This isn’t the night to convince your love that fishheads are a treat. Choose foods that have aphrodisatic properties. Foods rich in flavor. A little spicy to get the blood pumping to all the right places. Foods with textures that tantalize the tongue and make you lick your fingers. Or their fingers and lips. Steak and a BJ?! I mean potatoes…

Curating your playlist
Have you ever not cooked a fabulous meal while listening to great music. Cooking using a curated playlist is one of our favorite things. Personally we love old Motown soul when we cook together on Sundays. Some Marvin Gaye. A little Temptations. “You make me feel…you make me feel like a natural woman…” Aretha always gets him a kiss and me a caress. Music, like food, feeds a part of the soul that is pure. A combination of the two is love in action. How we share ourselves, creating more intimacy in our relationship. Use Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube to create two playlists to set the tone. One for the cooking portion and one for the eating portion of the evening. Or make one long playlist that is strategically timed to build on the ambiance. Cooking is upbeat and exciting. Indulging the sense of taste is slow and deliberate. The aural sensations surrounding the two of you as you enjoy the meal should, if nothing else be low, audible, enjoyable,  and singable. Not conversation drowning.

Styling your tablescape
Date and menu planned. Playlist curated. Now add another layer of ambiance. Styling your table. You can not go wrong with fresh white table linen. If not white, then use a solid color. It’s not Tuesday night dinner, a naked table is not acceptable. Pull out the table cloth, cloth napkins, the good silverware, dinnerware, and glassware. Those beautiful wine goblets you bought that time from Marshalls or the Macy’s home sale will look lovely on the table on top of that beautiful white table cloth. White plates are perfect for the dinner because it creates a cohesive look that allows the fantastic food you’ve prepared to look even more appetizing. Here’s an opportunity to think #deliciouslyimproper. Say you’ve decided on a Moroccan night, choose table linens and dinnerware in rich colors like teals, mustards, fuschias, golds, and reds. Equally important in setting your table is lighting. Dim the house lights and light candles or use LED candles. Lights should be low enough so you can see the special meal that’s been prepared and the look of your lover’s face as they enjoy.

Inviting your hunni
Everything is romantically ready to go! All you have to do is cordially invite that person of yours to enjoy this romantic dinner with you. Another opportunity to be #deliciouslyimproper. Use Canva, Adobe Spark, PicMonkey or another photo/video app to create an invite. Make it your own. Take a suggestive photo. Add the important details. Send it as a text message during the work day. Give your date something to think about and look forward to. Hopefully they will be able to wait until the appetizers before they have you.
These steps are easy and leaves lots of room to think outside of the box and make your romantic dinner a truly intimate event that can bring you two closer. Leave us a comment. Tell us how your styled your romantic dinner. What did you cook? What did you listen to? How did you set the table? Let’s see it you luv bugs!


Ps. Click the curated playlist link to listen to our romantic dinner playlist.<

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