TTDT~Things To Do Tuesdays

Things to do Tuesdays
It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday routine of relationship life. Creatures of habit, we end up neglecting our most important relationship. The one with our “sig ova”. We attempt to schedule a monthly date night but end up settling for a spur of the moment event that we attend together. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t allow for the opportunity to truly connect and be intimate with our love. Purposefully spending time with your other half strengthens the relationship.
With a little effort on each end you can create a weekly event that you both will look forward to. We like Tuesday. “Things to Do Tuesday”. Tuesday is the perfect day to do something. No grand gesture is needed for a Tuesday. Taco Tuesday! It’s still on. Matter of fact, make Taco Tuesday your own, create a taco dinner together. Wear sombreros & take tequila shots. More intimacy occurs when cooking a meal together versus going out for one. Sure there’s conversation to, from, waiting and during the meal, there are restrictions as well. If you want to steal a hot kiss or grab a booty you are free to feel to your hearts content in your own home. Flavors abound, you have the opportunity to create the signature dish.
Make a date to create a list of things to do on a Tuesday. It can be as informal as a text message exchange throughout the day or while sitting watching the latest episode of that show you like. Keep it simple. No need to assign a task to a week. Monday night or even Tuesday morning pick a to do. In general TTDT do’s are simple things. It’s these moments you remember and smile about when youre driving to the store. At work. Hanging out with your frineds. The point is to be better with nurturing the relationship. It’s a way to reconnect and remember why you chose each other in the first place. Is this a great idea or what? Drop us a line in the comment section tell us how you do TTDT?
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