The Soceros’s Stone

In the light of the setting sun the top of the mountain looked like it was covered in snow quartz. If you wanted to you could walk right up, break a piece off and carry it in your pocket. A talisman of good luck and protection. Depending upon where you decide to rest on the mountain the ground resembled black Jasper or balsalt. No matter which way you looked at it, the mountain was one big rock. Smoothed out tumbled parts, rough pocket filled parts that used to be molten liquid. That was before Trinadia’s grandfather froze the top of the mountain. He cast a spell so the people of the kingdom will not just forget, but remember something totally wrong. Yes, Trinadia was the reigning Princess, but, it was not her place. As long as the top of the mountain was covered in what looked like snow quartz she and her heirs would continue to rule the land. 

Her subjects were none the wiser, happily ignorant. What was there to worry on? Life was so pleasant. And for good reason. It was part of the spell. Trinadia’s grandfather, Le’nardd died 10 years ago. He left a letter explaining what to do when the spell started to break down. Spells only stay solid for 32 years. They have to be reenergized every 21years. Only a powerful wizard can cast a puissant spell. However, when a wizard casts puissant spells it takes years off of a wizards lifespan. Every time they reenergize a spell weeks are added to the years. Le’nardd cast the puissantiest spell of them all when he changed the memories of the kingdom. He did it for good reason. Trinadia’s life depended on it. That’s why he sent her a Bloo. Bloo was her protection. 

…to be continued.


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