Finished Story

I finally finished the two short stories I started last summer. I would post them but posting is the same as publishing. I can’t publish because I want to submit to a journal or review. No previously published works is the usual rule. I’m so excited about these pieces. Unfortunately, I’ve missed all of the deadlines again. So I have to wait a few more weeks. Submission season starts  in August for lots of publications. 

I tried a new subject space. Ideas of loss, new life, acceptance and love. A little historical fiction. My favorite subject to read. I so enjoy it! 

There’s some sexy stuff floating around in my head. It’s been a while since I’ve written a filthy story. I can go back to that now that the historical fiction is out of me.  Some relationship goodies are on deck as well. We’ve been learning, doing, and getting it to our right. Which is very important. Getting it “our right”. What’s right for us may not be right for you two. That’s something I’ll be exploring in the coming weeks. 

Learning and growing within my craft and trying not to let the world deter me from my greatness. That’s what I’ve been doing. 

Until then next time…

Enjoy it all! 




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