Reclaiming Intimacy in Your Relationship with the Kissin Game. 

Guest post by Lise F, petite méchante. 

Kissing is a multifaceted event with a multitude of emotion, purpose and benefits in the act. Standing on its own, kissing is the key to true intimacy in your relationship. Family obligations and hectic work schedules that demand our immediate attention have caused us to misplace that essential intimacy that brought us together in the first place. We squeeze in sex so we can move on to the next to-do. We plan a dinner and/or a movie, Netflix and sleep… I mean, chill. Where is the intimacy? Lets reclaim intimacy. It has been a long time since you’ve made your love priority. Sure, kissing usually leads to doin’ it and while doin’ it is always an exciting goal, kissing offers other wonderful benefits.

According to philematologists ~kissing scientists~ kissing:

1. Lowers blood pressure.

2. Decreases cortisol and increases serotonin levels in the brain. It’s a lover’s meditation session.  

3. Improves immunity by the releasing of antibodies that help prevent cavities. This sugar isn’t giving you cavities.

4. The Pleasure Principal, oxytocin or the “love” hormone, which has calming effects is increased.

5. All of these feel good chemicals! A dopamine release reduces pain via saliva which contains a kind of anesthetic.

6. In sickness and in health, for a whole extra 5 years. Studies show that couples who kiss regularly live 5 years longer than those who do not. How’s that for two lips all over the place!


Here’s a challenge for you lovers who want to reclaim intimacy. The Kissin’ Game. A full day of kisses. That’s it. Seems simple and easy to do. Since of course you two love bugs are always kissing. Or are you? Think about it? How often are you really kissing. How does it work? You and your honey pick a number. A reachable task of a number. 75 maybe? 80? Whoa my lips might get sore. At least 25. Grab your phones and schedule the kissin’ day. The chosen kissin’ day is written in stone. Just like your love. Regardless of bad moods, hectic schedules, hurt tummies, and those things that just come up, once you’ve committed for the day, you must proceed. Commence to smooching. Restoring intimacy is the goal. Enjoy the kisses, but also enjoy your partner. Take note of what kinds of kisses happen. Try different kisses. Quick pecks. Long and deep. Sloppy, wet and hot. Wait? We’re talking kisses. Kisses. Kiss in strange positions or different places. Kiss when a certain word is said or when a certain song comes on. How ever you do it; reach your number. Surpass it! This is a challenge, so there will be a prize. Snap a kissy selfie and post it to IG using #kissingame2017 and tag and follow us @sonputepetitemechante along with your goal and whether you reached or surpassed it. The winning couple with the best kissy selfie will get our date nite Hott Boxx. Perfect for those extra special kissing events.

The kissin’ game ends April 30.

Me and my him will be kissing too, we love kissing. Just never set a goal. So this should be fun. Commence to kissing…

Smooches luvs

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