Ardent & Succinct Tales by Bettye – Honeypotted 

He puts his index finger inside of her, swirled it around, like mixing honey in tea. He strokes the inside, circular motions with the tip of the index finger releasing her sweetness. Kelly has these masculine hands he uses to create perfect pressure sensations on her g spot that sends quivers traveling from her thigh insides to her curled toes. As she shifts in a loss of control he pulls his Harper honied index finger out and places it on her lips. “shh”Intensely trying to focus and guess what he’s about to do next. She releases a deep inhale, he puts the finger in her mouth. She sucks it. He takes it out, gets in her face, simultaneously sliding his finger back into her pussy as he licks her lips. Swirling in her honey pot one more time, he takes that finger out, tastes it, sticks it back into Harpers mouth so she too can indulge. Kelly kisses Harper one last time then gets down on his knees. “I need to see something” he says. “yes. Just like honey.”




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