How to Crush Boxes

  1. Indulge in your gifts, purpose, and the world around you. 
  2. Mulling over the past is an impediment to progress and the process, stop it.  
  3. Delight in those who are living their purpose.  
  4. Be illogical. 
  5. Do not make God regret having made you.” © Dr. Howard Thurman 
  6. Be your own idea of wild.  
  7. Surround yourself with love and beautiful things. 


Standing up for yourself, showing people how they must treat you, emerging to an understanding that you do not have to endure being dissed. No longer being the aim of all of the admirational jealousy. It is work. It snatches the fun out of life; it snatches the life out of you. You have been boxed. But, you just kicked a hole in it. 

Get out of that box and crush that bitch!  


“You must do the thing you can not do” © Eleanor Roosevelt 

That thing that you have convinced yourself that wasn’t you. Not for you. Isn’t really your “thing”. Not your dream per se. Doesn’t fit into your current lifestyle. Fuck that! Crush that box you tried to get comfy in. Folded up and uncomfortable because the people around you attempted to impose their version of your truth. Under no circumstances should you feel obligated to endure rough talk, unwarranted bad advice, hateful behavior or drama that has you persisting in that box. Keeping you away from your greatness.  Your purpose here is not to be ill treated because of your differences.

Your truth is never up for discussion, it should never be challenged. Celebrate it.  

Surround yourself by people who lift you up, pour into you inspiration and regard. Wonderful humans that will help you, be there for you when you ask and when dig your feet in the ground in refusal.  

That, my friend is how you crush boxes. 


* a version of this post also appears on my medium page.

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