Ardent & Succinct Tales by Bettye – Enemy

Not a word uttered when he walked into the room. He caught her off guard. She turned around and their eyes met. Sharing an intense magnetic gaze they were drawn to each other. He grabbed her face and kissed her. Her hands fell down by her waist. He grabbed her wrists, pulling her arms up and walking her backwards to the wall. He grazed her lips with his with a slight bit of force as the wall provided something to lean against. It would hold her up as he pushed his dick inside. When he bounced her in between the wall and his chest. She could rest on the wall when he pushed her up in the air. Her arms around his neck as she holds on when she looks down at him, kissing his forehead, then nestling her head in his hair. She could smell his sweat and the bodywash that he uses to shampoo his hair. He lets her slide down a bit. Only so he could kiss her again. Deep and long. Sucking on her lip and biting her chin.


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