Santa Baby

Santa Baby, Dear Santa, Hi Santa,

I can explain. I mean, what had happened was… It’s a misunderstanding really. I swear I’ve been a very good girl. Not the naughty little elf you thought you saw. It was not like that. Believe me. Do you believe me Santa??? Have I told you how sexy your beard is? Are you part of the #beardgang. I know you are, all of that soft white fluffiness.  I love running my hands over it, my fingers through it. I can brush it for you before you hit the road to deliver all of those presents. Speaking of presents. I have been a very good girl. Not the naughty elf you thought you saw. All of those things, the “nice girls don’t do that” things. He loves it. It makes him happy. I love keeping him happy. That’s good girl work. He loves when I kiss all over him. I start at his forehead and work my way down. The tip of his nose, his full lips. Oh god those full lips. And  the bottom one…” These are a few of my fav-or- it things.” Them delicious lips of his. You have to understand, I really have been a good girl. It just looks like I’m being a bad girl. Am I really being bad if my sir enjoys what I do? … Santaahh! He can’t can’t get enough. Honestly, I can’t get enough either. He takes my legs and pushes them back towards my ears and like the good girl that I am I hold my ankles. Santa, I get the giggles when he’s around. You should see how his face lights up when he sees me Santa. That man wraps his strong arms around me. Keeping me safe, protecting me. So I take care of him. That’s good right?  Sometimes we get a little naughty. Ok ok ok… Quite frequently we do naughty things. I love the reaction I get when I wear my sexy little things. My hot stilettos and dresses. The coat. Those red glasses. Red like your hat Santa. Now that I’m thinking about all of my good deeds this year, I remember why I started this explaination letter to you. The way I see it, you handsome bearded fella you, my gift should reflect my behavior this year. My very very good behavior. I only want one thing. Well, person. I only want to be able to continue to be his good girl. His naughty good girl. 

I’ll see you in a few days. There will be cookies and milk; mistletoe and kisses. I have a hat that similar to yours I may or may not have it on. 


Your naughty little elf. (Ok, so it’s true, it’s for a good reason. I love him.)

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