Ardent & Succinct Tales by Bettye-“Little Things That Make You Late in the Morning.”

He smells so good. 

How he wants me. I love how he wants me. 

 Yesterday morning, he woke me up with kisses and licks between my legs. Already somewhat awake, I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs, they stopped at the side of my bed. He pulled the covers back, pushed my legs apart and went in. I started to stop him but, realized that I was not dreaming. I was fully awake and missed my man.

Staying to enjoy himself, I enjoyed him enjoying my morning dew. 


He was extra this morning.  Indulging  in my taste, grabbing those full sensitive parts of me with his teeth. 

“Good morning love.”

 I readjusted myself. “Hi.”  Wiped my eyes and sat up. “What are you doing here?” wrapping my arms around his waist, ” You’re going to be late for work.”. “Mmmmm…” Taking him all in  “You smell good” inhaling one more time, “gosh you smell good. ”

“I do?”

” Mm hmm… Yes.”

Next thing I knew, my knees were by my ears. 

“You are going to be … Laahaatte.”

“It’s all good.” Work pants down to his ankles, boots still on, shirt slightly unbuttoned, skully still on his head and 15min before shift starts, 20 mins away. He was just getting started. Putting in work before work, I was flipped over. His hands pressed into the small of my back. Faced buried in the bed, I clutched  the sheets,running a bit. “No.” grabbing a fistful of my hair. “Come here.”

 Gee whiz, I love  how he wants me. When he can’t get enough. Almost more than I could handle. We moved the bed, knocked things off of the night stand. And made lots of noise. More noise than 3:45am could handle. Making the most of his time, since, he was late. Like a dream, I’m not sure when or how we exactly stopped, but he licked my faced, kissed me and dashed out the door. Smelling of me for the rest of the day. 

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