Livia’s Late Nite Appt. – An Excerpt

I watched him take off his undershirt and step out of his jeans. Enjoying a starefeast, all of those muscle lines; pudge at his sides and a perfect curve of ass. I licked my lips marveling at his thighs and that thing at rest between them. At least I think it’s at rest. Looks like it went to the right a bit… I can’t tell. Leaning in. Mustgetacloserlook.

“Can you pass me a towel”.

“Huh! What? Oh ok…” grabbing for something that felt towelish. Since taking my eyes off of him would be crazy. 

I’m sure it was a towel because he wrapped it around his waist. Reaching to the shower to turn it on obstructed my view. That thing was definitely on the move.

“I’ll give you some privacy.” Walking out of the bathroom back to the main part of the room. “Let me know when you’re ready for your shampoo.” Just as I sat down on the sofa

“Livia… Livia”

I jumped up, smoothed my dress and headed into the bathroom. ” You ready?”

“Come, get in.” holding his hand out to me.

My dress was sticking to me. “Oh.” looking down, “my dress” then up at him.

“And. Get in here.” Pulling me all the way in to his chest. “You won’t get too wet.” he said standing directly under the showerhead. All I felt was the spray bouncing off of his shoulders, back and head.

“It looks like you already shampooed your hair.” Running my hand over his hair. “Did you condition? A shampoo is worthless without a condish.”

“Naw. No condish” he smirked.

I glanced around for the conditioner, it was right behind him. That got me drenched. Didn’t matter. I squirted the liquid in my hand “um, give me your head please.”

I massaged the conditioner in his hair. Fingering semi circles in circular motions; alternating applied and released pressure. His eyes were closed in thorough enjoyment as I massaged all over his head. “Turn around so I can get the back.” He opened his eyes, gave me a look of salacious intent then turned around. Yoga comes in handy for getting to the back of his head. I scrawled my fingers down his head and neck. “K. You can rinse now,” and stepped out of the shower.

I peeled my wet dress off; laid it over the chair by the vent to dry; brushed my hair down then returned to the bathroom. He was turning the water off when I got to the shower door. Handing him the big towel, “Let me dry your hair.” He wrapped it around his waist then obliged me by bending down some. A bead of water rolled off of his chest and landed on my foot, another one followed and landed on the floor. Roughing up his towel dried hair and stepping back “Ok done.”

He rose smiling, giving me that salacious look again “thanks girl.”

“No problem.” Tugging at the big towel so I can be sure to dry every bend, fold and stretch of damp skin. That is how you give a complete treatment, that midnight appointment which will always be more than just a haircut.

“I’m glad you made yourself comfortable” admiring my nakedness by brushing his hand down my middle. His touch made my nipples jump, the butterflies dance in my belly and beads of sweat appear everywhere his hands met my moist skin.

“Your hair looks good.” Was the only thing I could come up with.

“Oh yeah? Well, I have a really dope barber. She comes out at midnight to tighten me up.”

We both laughed. I sort of walked away from him towards the bed. He followed yawning. I turned around to see him holding his hand out for me “come here.”

I climbed in the bed “I need to inspect my work.” Following lines and curves with my index and middle fingers. I traced his goatee, then his lips. He snapped at my finger. I pulled back. Giggled. Then did it again. This time resting my index finger on his bottom lip momentarily before playing in his chin hair. We traded kisses, licks, bites and grabs. Every so often in between the bites and grabs he ran his hands over his head admiring how smooth it was. “Damn girl, I’m so glad I decided to wait until I got to Maryland to get a haircut. I really appreciate you. It’s a big day a tomorrow. How I look says that I am ready to be a part of the team.” Looking down at me “Thanks Livia.”

Resting my face in the nook. “No problem love. We go back.”

I must have dozed off. The freshly shaped soft scruff of his chin hair tickled my ear and cheek. I opened my eyes to see him mouth “yes”. He whispered “Yes, you can have it. Yes. I am going to give it to you.”

Parted lips barely whispered back “ok.” He, this longtime client, is about to be a happenstance. We have shared a loyalty for almost 13 years. I, a licentious whore who took his “yes” as permission to sate my need, I gave in. His meeting was at 9am. I got there at 12:19. Catching up and talking caught us finishing the actual haircut at about 1:58. The shower, shampoo and condish landed us at 2:34. The exhaustion and excitement incited a brief catnap in each other’s arms. At 2:50am permission was granted. Which left more than enough time to do what was inevitable and still get to the morning meeting on time. Refreshed. Ready. Relaxed.

I was not expecting what he was giving me. That thing really moved this time, growing so large and juicy. He put his hand in between my legs and swiped upwards. Releasing all of the wetness. All. Of. It. Allof it. He tasted his fingers, giving me a satiated smirk as he shared those fingers with me. Twice. He kissed me, tugged my bottom lip with his teeth and then inserted himself.

“Yes” Was all I could muster. The first stroke is always the best.

“I told you can have it, but do you really want it?” Another stroke

“Yes.” Giving it back to him a little as I adjusted to his girth and length.

“Show me you want it.” Yet another stroke “show me.” Stroking twice.

He got me. I was doing my best to just breathe, eyes closed, biting my bottom lip running my tongue over the spot he tugged with his teeth.

“I know you want it, come get it.” Two good strokes, two real good deep strokes.

I pulled myself together and gave him all I had. Meeting his thrusts for maximum penetration until I vibrated on him. Pulling him closer with wrapped legs. I felt his scruff on the softness of my shoulder.

“You don’t want this. Livia, you bluffing.” his hands flat on the headboard giving me all the strokes and thrusts. “I said you can have it. Take it.”

I slam my hands flat under his on the headboard, meeting his eyes and arching my back. I went in and took what I wanted. Took what he said I could have.

“I knew you wanted it.” he said through clenched teeth.

“You did?” in a puzzled sexy tone.

“Yeah, and I wanted to give it to you.” Pulling out and going down to taste me. When he stopped it was 4:30ish in the am. An awkwardness fell upon me, I go to get up, but, he pulled me back.   “Stay. We have a few hours.” In his deep sleepy voice, “stay longer.” Since I had been granted permission I ignored the urge to say, we shouldn’t have done this. I should go. We made a mistake. He pulled me on top of him put his arm around my waist and rubbed concentric circles on my back humming until we both fell asleep.

I shifted to kisses on my forehead.

“Livia…Livia… wake up, its time”

I go to get my dress. “Damn, its still damp.”

“No worries.” he said. “put my jeans on and throw on one of my undershirts. ”

“O…Ok.” Thinking how silly I’ll look walking back to my car wearing his clothes. “How will I get them back to you.”

“Next haircut.” Adjusting his necktie. “How do I look?”

“Ready, like a part of the team.” I smiled.

He kissed me on the cheek. “Alright, girl.”


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