120- Ether

Solidarity(n) sol-i-dar-i-tee

A union or fellowship arising from common responsibilities and interests as between members of a group or between classes, peoples, etc.

I missed the big woman-to-woman phone call. The Empress’s new clothes, a cloak of fake solidarity, was self-serving, vicious, vindictive and nasty with no traces of unanimity, harmony or compassion. All the MAC makeup in the world could not cover what she thought she was hiding. After only 120 minutes of stewing in frustration and anger because I did not accommodate her request she played her hand.

Why would she do that?

  1. Felt violated because the reasons she concocted as to why she deserved, earned and required a woman-to-woman conversation with me failed her.
  2. To gain third party reasoning, explanations and details so she can be confident in a decision that was already made.
  3. Trying to help me, by helping herself and “for once, hear the real deal from you”.

Frustration ensues and what happens next. Her display of “solidarity” did nothing but prepare me for what was to follow. A woman reverting to adolescent behavior.

She claims that I am,

  1. “pretty wack, you’re always going to be a side chick.”

She bests me because,

  1. “…chill with his momma, go out with his momma, things that you will never probably experience because you look like a monkey.”
  2. “…you were always his little secret, and who knows why, because he talks so bad about you.”

What was not said in lieu of what was spoke volumes. Exposing herself for the personality fraud that she is, saying what she could with the intention to hurt.

Let me be clear.

  1. We are not and have never been friends. We’ve never even met.
  2. I have neither obligation nor desire to share any of my life details with a stranger.
  3. That confident insecurity makes one very predictable. Causing them to behave in a most ridiculous manner.

In the event you do participate in the big phone call. Here a few question suggestions.

  1. What is behind the calling of names?
  2. Why the insults?
  3. Why do you feel that I should talk to you?
  4. Why should I share any detail of my life with you?
  5. How did you even get my number?
  6. How is my business yours?

Vehemently demand a headcount of kids, because obviously she miscounted and included you. Like a parent to a child, attempting to disguise a directive as a question or favor. Come, let’s sit at the table and discuss some things. “…maybe we have a little communication problem because, the things that he says about you… if we can have a woman to woman please give me a call. Thank you.”

To that special gal.

The face that you beat on is not the mask that you think you are wearing. The front you started with reeked of inauthenticity I say it again, Sis, your slip is showing. Living a private life has taught me that when people do not know anything about you and cannot figure you out they make things up. Speaking negatively about someone speaks only of one person. The one talking. It makes sense that what was happening was that you were trying to figure out why he has been paying you no mind. You were trying to use me to further your cause. You said it yourself

I needed a reason, I don’t need a reason, because I know he’s been fucking with you… ”

“ I would have been more of a woman to you, if you would have called me, we could have had a conversation, but, since you want to be petty…”

Petty is not declining a conversation. A woman understands that in asking a question there is a possibility of not receiving an answer. You operate under the assumption that I subject myself to questioning by people outside of authority. Maybe you think that you have some authority. I demand a headcount! Quick! Go count your children. I can guarantee that I am not among them. You gave me 120 minutes, 2 hours, to answer you. How dare you  even consider that I would discuss anything with you? You have talked so much shit about me, as if you actually know me or anyone who is close to me. You say

“… I will not believe anything that comes out of his mouth ever again.” And then you say “… you look like a monkey, a ha ha and he says that… he talks so bad about you.” Belief is an object of convenience for you I see. Who is the liar?

You mistake my privacy for lack of a circle. Your inability to see me is by design. Not everyone chooses to share every minute detail of his or her life to the world. You faked an attempt at sticking to together in effort to humiliate a man. That is not solidarity. That is not classy. Living my life leaves me no time to share with 1000+ people I do not know. Validation is not something that I seek, especially from someone I am unfamiliar with; have never been formally introduced to and has nothing but derogatory things to say about me. Out of desperation, you exposed your bluff in a game that I wasn’t even participating in.

In solidarity, woman-to-woman, I understand hurt; feeling crushed and disappointed because of a failed relationship. Not once, but twice. I know about seemingly sharing a loving experience, only to discover that you were played the fool. I understand giving love absolute and receiving nothing close to it in return. I remember that sting. I recognize that pain in others. For these things I claim solidarity. I’ve also learned that a failure in a relationship is not a reflection of the woman that I am. But, as you so eloquently pointed out, it is. Me looking like a monkey is the reason why

“nobody else wants to be having you on their arm, I don’t mean to downplay you or anything, but, you know, it is what it is.”

I guess it is.

Respectfully Yours,

The Wack Petty Sidechick Monkey-faced Girl


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