Love Notes


        I’m trying to make sense of it all. Allowing myself to be in love, with you; the idea. With everything in me, everyday I do what I can, giving what I have. Sometimes all it is, is nothing more than a soft breath. Other times, every fiber of my being. With the thump of my heart that moves my chest and pounds my ears, I think of love, of you.  I no longer care for what makes sense. My faith defies logic. The logic that love looks a certain way, behaves in just so of a manner. That it should hurt. It does NOT. You, me, and love are connected to the infinite source. The more attuned I am to the Universe, to that source, the further I am from petty distractions and all of that white noise of logic. I am becoming love. In your absence, I ache. This is truly an exercise in faith; in love. Although sometimes trying,  this love is fiercer, deeper, more authentic. I am terrified, yet driven. I’m learning; I’m growing. I am changed and it is an awkward and uncomfortable place, but so worth it. I whisper your name and everything is perfect because its as it should be. It’s love. 

Still & Always

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