Meet Belle. Fuck Snob

That B-More Heat
The air conditioning is on the fritz, sometimes blowing cool refreshing air and other times just humming heat. Opening all of the windows for cross breezes is no relief from this Baltimore city heat. Sure, the Sugar Maple tree in front of the house provides plenty of shade. The fullness of the maples leaves, lush and green move with the little breeze, but it’s not enough to cool me down. No cool, just humid, sticky air sitting in the room not moving. I have the best room in the house, third floor master suite. However, even with the sugar maple obscuring direct light I wake up covered in wet every night. Hair wet at the roots and thighs sticky from the wet seeping out of my pussy. UGH! This Bmore heat is so, so HOT! It’s balmy and steamy. Sultry and moist. Laying naked provides no relief.  This sweltering, humid gloss sits on top of me as an invisible blanket.  It’s a weight. A breath altering weight. 
She wipes the sweat from her neck down in between her breast.
The sensation of damp 425-thread count brushed Egyptian cotton sheets sticking to me feels so amazing.
Pinching her protruding nipples. 
The cool dampness of the sheets with this Baltimore heat wetness has me feeling a way.
Her touch wasn’t enough though. She pulled and pinched her nipples, slid her hands down to her stomach to her fat girl part. Resting her hand on that mound. Massaging it, then using her fingers to pull on her swollen slippery pussy lips. Sliding her index and middle finger stroking her clit. All her new movement turned her damp sheets into ones she soaked. Belle managed to manufacture a new type of heat.  It was too hot to move anymore. The thing about singledom, when your body needs attention and you are too hot and bothered to do it yourself you end up stuck and sticky.
Legs spread eagle, fingers in her pussy, Belle drifted off to sleep.
“Hey daddy. I missed you. “ Kissing his lips.
“Did you?
“Yes, daddy” nodding my head bashfully.
“Get on your knees and show daddy how much you missed him.” he demanded
“Yes daddy, but, I, I, I’m not sure what you want me to do.”
“What do you mean you don’t know what I want you to do? How do you usually show daddy how much you miss him? How did I teach you to please daddy?”
“I know daddy but…” putting her hand on his chest.
“BUT NOTHING.” Moving her hand. “GET ON YOUR KNEES AND…”
I recognize that tone of voice. I love that tone of voice, that’s what I need to get me going, I love how he raises his voice and demands that I please him. Anything for my daddy. I play like I don’t know what he wants; I know exactly what he wants and how to give it to him. I play dumb getting on my knees and unzip his pants, slowly pull it out so it just kind of unfolds out into my hand.
“Mmmmm” licking my lips, “daddy I don’t know what to do with all of this.” shaking my head.
“You mean to tell me that you don’t know what to do with all of this, you don’t know what to do with this monster?”
“No daddy, I’m not exactly sure what to do with this monster. It’s. It’s so big, I’m not
Interrupting her “You’re not what” he says grabbing my hair and yanking my head back.
“Please daddy.” I whimper
“Please daddy is right, put it all in your mouth. Take all of it. Take it like I know you can, stop playing silly and eat this motherfucking monster.”
I do as I am told. A monster it is and like the champ that I am I swallow it. Every last inch of that long thick two-toned man muscle he walks around with. He likes when I make it wet, but he loves when I gag and spit up a little. Makes it really wet. He loves it wet; whatever it takes I make it happen. I suck and suck until daddy can’t take it anymore. Until daddy says “don’t stop you dirty bitch. Keep going so daddy can cover that pretty ass face.”  I’m so into it having all of his cum on my face. I keep going even though he’s limp and leaning on the door. He came and I hadn’t. The mission was to show my daddy how much I missed him the mission is complete. I need more. With his dick still in my mouth I start playing in my moist. Rubbing and inserting fingers, pushing them in and pulling them out, sticking them in my mouth and all over his dick. “Shit girl. You really missed daddy” because he starting to get big again, “mm hmm” I say, mouth full of dick still going in all over my wet girl parts. I can feel a squirt coming, I yell “daddy give it to me.” in one swift motion he pulls out of my mouth flips me back and rams his dick in me. Again and again and again and again until he and I are on the floor are covered in my squirt juice.  We lay there for what seemed like an hour when he lifted his head to tell me how much he loves me and how pleased he is with my performance.
 I wake up. Still hot, sticky, and covered with this humid gloss of wanting. Fingers in my pussy, moving like he’s still on top of me. Fucking Baltimore city row homes. This heat. My wet and sweat pooled under my ass. Two hours before I have to get up and start my long ass day. I finish the deed close my eyes in hopes that I will hear him say, “Belle, I love you.”   Not so much. I make myself cum two more times, it’s too hot to sleep and this pussy feels so good.  Finally able to close my eyes for what seems like another hour, it’s only been fifteen minutes, might as well go in to work early.


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