Brick Walls and Shit.

It is none of your business who she sleeps with. Why is it necessary to share intimate details in order to build a friendship or to become good friends? Some people consider this as a way of building trust.  Yet when those intimate details are met with indifference and judgment all of that trust goes […]

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Defying Laws of Blackness I defy the laws of physics I am never black enough and too black simultaneously. In a simple search, Black girls.  I witness two extremes. The over the top extraness of glam couture “ here I am different and fabulous”. and the “I am my blackness” natural hair, full figures and […]

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Meet Nicky. Darlin NIcky

Nicky loves to watch herself dance and if the music is right she will dance all night. Her moves are so graceful, a full figured display of modern dance and ballet.  When the right song comes on she moves in such a slorrish manner. That private dancer talent, unmistakable. Nicky’s rhythm is one that will […]

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Meet Belle. Fuck Snob

FUCK SNOB That B-More Heat The air conditioning is on the fritz, sometimes blowing cool refreshing air and other times just humming heat. Opening all of the windows for cross breezes is no relief from this Baltimore city heat. Sure, the Sugar Maple tree in front of the house provides plenty of shade. The fullness […]

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124 years

On this day one of my heros was born. I use her name in attempt to do her some justice. I hope she feels me. Zora Neale Hurston, it would have been your 124 birthday. Through my writing you live on. 

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Get up, Smile and Wipe My Mouth.

There was this guy I dated. The sex was good. The conversations were fun. But, something was weird.  I always found myself covered in a layer of detachment after sex and while conversations were interesting and entertaining they were usually peppered with hints of indifference. It was like he was trying match wits with someone […]

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