New Year, Newish You.

Welcome to the new year! 2018, 10 days in. It is a time of reflection and a little scrambling to ensure that your goals and resolutions happen. What a whirlwind! Are you ready?! I finally am, just in time. For the last few years instead of making a New Year resolution I’ve chosen a word. […]

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The Sorceros’ Stone Part 3

Ms. Munrow was indeed dead. The moment Trinadia’s dreams started happening was the moment the witch started to fade away. She had no control over what was happening to her. Trinadia’s grandfather was an exceptionally grand wizard. To ensure that the secret was never revealed he cursed Munrow the Witch. To perish, fading away into […]

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Romantic Dinners

Hey luvs. Are you hungry? Ready for some tasty love. Something to satisfy you. It’s time to plan that romantic dinner. Before you head to the bedroom for that salacious nite in, feed the body and soul with a romantic dinner. With a little planning and the deliciously improper implementation of these five easy steps, […]

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TTDT~Things To Do Tuesdays

Things to do Tuesdays It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday routine of relationship life. Creatures of habit, we end up neglecting our most important relationship. The one with our “sig ova”. We attempt to schedule a monthly date night but end up settling for a spur of the moment event that we […]

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