TTDT~Things To Do Tuesdays

Things to do Tuesdays    It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday routine of relationship life. Creatures of habit, we end up neglecting our most important relationship. The one with our “sig ova”. We attempt to schedule a monthly date night but end up settling for a spur of the moment event that […]

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The Soceros’ Stone pt 2

What’s a Bloo. Bloo is a stumpy rock like piece of a creature. Very odd looking but in a secure way. Bloo can be depended upon to keep things safe. He had a look about him that said “Do Not.” The kingdom was a pleasant place. There was no real cause for conjectures of “Do […]

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Finished Story

I finally finished the two short stories I started last summer. I would post them but posting is the same as publishing. I can’t publish because I want to submit to a journal or review. No previously published works is the usual rule. I’m so excited about these pieces. Unfortunately, I’ve missed all of the […]

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His fleshy part, firm and soft. Like a ripened mango. With juices just as sweet   on my lips. Licentious deliciousness.   A gift from the gods to be enjoyed.  I gorge, until face and hands are covered  in his sacchariferous stickiness.  Xoxo Bettye

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